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Aubussons Tapestry (Click here to view Aubusson Tapestry Gallery)

Aubusson Tapestry derived from the French town named Aubusson, as a work of art, aubusson tapestry has centuries long history in many different cultures. unlike a common tapestry, Aubusson wall hanging is one kind of treasurable collection, some famous Aubusson tapestries are preserved in the Louvre, but more pieces are collected in private latifundios.

China started to weave Aubusson tapestry since 1980s, quite a few years later, smart Chinese artisans got on top of the weaving technique. Now, we can say the quality of our Aubusson is equivalent with that made in Aubusson Town. Aubusson making is a time consuming job, to Weave a 5' x 7' or similar size Aubusson tapestry, a skilled girl should spend 2-3 months to finish one piece, it is a totally hand work by many steps, that is also why Aubusson tapestry is so valueable.

aubusson tapestry

As a factory, Bosi Carpet uses finest New Zealand wool and weaves Aubusson tapestry in strict accordance with the French triditional way, our designs are from top designers world wide, the quality of our Aubusson tapestry is beyond doubt that thay are popular in many buyers and collectors.

Aubusson tapestries have deverse designs, classic, morden and romantic. We have over 300 designs in stock, whatever your room style, there is one or another to fits for you.

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Besides Aubusson Products, we also have needlepoint products for your choose.

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For Needlepoint rug and carpet, sofa covers, you are welcome to request for pictures.

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