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China hand-knotted rug quality classifications

The classification of hand knotted rug in China are devided by materials and KPSF(knots per square foot). The materials used in making rugs are artificial silk, spun silk, natural silk, China wool and New Zealand wool. Artificial silk is not real silk, it is mercerized cotton, hand knotted rugs made of artificial silk are cheap, but with silk lustrous. Spun silk yarn made of short-fibered and waste silk, the quality of spun silk are in-between artificial silk and natural silk, it is mostly used in making midium quality rugs. Natural silk, known as mulberry silk, reeling from silk cocoons, futured with comfortable hand feeling, rich in dying colors, exordinary lustrous, natural silk rugs, especially some in high density of knots are high end standard, so to be deemed as "soft gold", and popular in collectors. China wool, no better than New Zealand wool, which is mostly used for making hand tufted rugs and low KPSF hand-knotted rugs, or usually blended with artfical silk for cheaper silk wool rug. Natural silk is good at showing color, Zealand wool rug is fine in keeping warm, the combination of silk and wool are made use of both advantages for hign quality silk blend wool rugs.

Persian design silk mixed wool carpet:

As we mentioned above, KPSF is also an important factor that determines the quality of hand-knotted rugs, usually, more knots per suqare foot in a rug, more exquisite and more valueable of it. Knots of per suqre foot are from 90 lines to 1200 lines, a wide range of different qualities, 90 lines, 100 lines, 120 lines, and 160 lines are mostly hand knotted wool rugs, the price of these rugs are cheap. artificial rugs are usually in 180-220 lines, spun silk are from 230-260 lines, pure silk rugs range from 260-1200 lines. Presuming a practiced workman can weave on 300 knots per hour, it will spend him 2 year and a half to finish a 1100 knots per square inch Chinese silk rug with a 4 x 6 square foot size, that's why we say high KPSF silk tapestry are so valueable.

800 Line Silk Tapestry:

800 line silk persian tapestry

Silk and Wool Rug Carpet Warehouse:
We take huge inventory of artificial silk rug, spun silk carpet, natural silk rug, pure silk tapestry and silk mixed wool carpet sorted by different KPSF in stocks for you choose at any time. Welcome visit our factory to choose rugs.

silk persian rug warehouse

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