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Chinese Handmade Silk Rug (Click here to view China silk rug)

China Nanyang silk rug is one of the best rugs that represent Chinese handmade Persian design rug industry. Featured with high knot density, beautiful design, lustering shinning silk material, Nanyang silk rug well-reputed in the rug business area.

Why the quality of the rugs produced here is popular? One upmost reason is high quality materials used in rug weaving. Nanyang climate is adapt for raiseing healthier silkworms, mulberry silk produced here is in strong flexibility, luster shining and good hand feeling. The silk yarn is much better of making silk rugs than other area.

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If You Visit Our Factory: By Air From Guangzhou, Shanghai or Beijing to Nanyang. More assistance, please email our sales

Features of Chinese silk handmade rug:
Exquisite workmanship, elegant design, beautiful colors, soft with good hand feeling and durable. High-end upholstery ineed! Suitable for decoration and collection.

Design features:
Mostly Persian design, some with triditional Chinese patterns.

8X8 silk persian rug

Persian Design Rugs:
1) Persian Art Silk Rug
2) Persian Spun Silk Rug
3) PersianPure Silk Rug
4) Persian Pure Silk Tapestry
5) Silk Mixed Wool Rug

Development and status:
Silk carpet weaving was rapidly developed in the past years. Nowdays, Nanyang has become the production base of handmade silk carpet. 80% of Chinese silk carpets are from Nanyang, especially, the hign deisity kots rugs, one famous 1200 line hand-silk rug has broken the world record and which is known as "The Carpet King."

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