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   Rescent comments on handmade rugs, tapestries and upholsteries from our clients

Customer comment on Aubusson rug 19-7-2012
I also have another Aubusson rug that I bought 3 years ago from Ebay, but your price is much cheaper than my last one, and quality is no difference. Once I will buy more Aubusson rugs, I will choose from you.

Customer comment on Silk runner rug 14-7-2012
I received the runner today - it is very beautiful, thanks once again. I am looking for another runner, but this one has to be silk (not wool.) Do you have any long runners in silk?

Customer comment on Aubusson tapestry 14-7-2012
I'm an Italian American, the landscape tapestry depicates my home town, it recalls my memories, looks nice, thank you

Customer comment on Aubusson rug - 9-7-2012
It's very beautiful,it's a good experance for this Aubusson rug.

Customer comment on Needlepoint carpet - 5-7-2012
I like the rug very much, it fits my room well.

Customer comment on Aubusson pillow - 29-6-2012
Better than I expected, thanks.

Customer comment on Aubusson carpet - 20-6-2012
Superior quality!!!! Finest Highend Aubusson !! Thank you

Customer comment on Persian silk wool rug - 17-6-2012
I got these rugs, next time, please gime me discount.

Customer comment on Aubusson tapestry - 11-6-2012
I received the item before 10 minutes, I'm so excited and let know. Thank you.

Customer comment on Persian artsilk rug - 3-6-2012
I received, nice. James, can you show a similar pattern in 9 X 12? I want one more.

Customer comment on Persian real silk rug - 10-6-2012
High quality Persian real silk rug, cheaper than Iran made.

Customer comment on Persian rug - 12-5-2012
Wonderful silk rug, thank you.@v@

Customer comment on Aubusson tapestry - 27-4-2012
Last time, I saw a same one in Lyon, but price is much much expensive.James, thanks, you offered me this same one, now, I got the best cost performance, thank you.

Customer comment on Aubusson carpet - 28-5-2012
It looks better than the picture showing, my wife love it very much, thank you.

Customer comment on Persian rug - 23-4-2012
Better colors and workmanship than one of my rug from India

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