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# Bosi Needlepoint Factory History & Future:

Bosi Needlepoint factory set up in 1989, for the past 21 years, Bosi produced uncounted Needlepoint products and totally exported to the oversea market. In rescent years, Bosi people see the cross stitch art is spring up like mushrooms, comparing cross stitch kit, needlepoint kits is a brand new arts and crafts in our market, making a same design, needlepoint is only cost 1/3-1/2 time, that's very import, especially to the very high time consuming work, but more importantly, needlepoint works seems better visual effect, that's why many needlepoint master pieces, other than cross stitch, are hanging in some national memorial halls, museums, one famous tapestry named "Nixon Visit China", which is now hanging in the Nixon Memorial Hall in California.

Needlepoint kits shows very high viability, the bright future let us marketed the advanced needlepoint art to the enthusiasts, we established the new needlepoint factory in the year of 2010, just as anticipated, when the needlepoint kits put into market, they were quickly accepted the customers, and embezzling the cross stitch market.

# General Profile of Bosi Needlepoint Factory:

Old Products: needlepoint cushions, pillows, needlepoint tapestries, needlepoint rugs, christmas stockings and etc.
New Product: Needlepoint Kits, we are still developing, we keep developing 50-60 kinds of new designs per month, we adhere to the principle of "lowest profit, more market". (We can make your needlepoint kits, if you need, please contact us

Our Advantages: 25 years OEM service experance, senior designers in the industry, many many workers.

We hope our needlepoint/petit point, as a bridge, will not only bring us fortunes, but also friendship! Welcome to visit our needlepoint factory!

# Bosi Needlepoint Factory Over View:

Left factory area
Center factory area
Right factory area   # Factory Guidance  
  1. Left factory area
2. Center factory area
3. Right factory area
4. Needlepoint kits show room
5. Workers are making needlepoint
6. Needlepoint show room
7. Color yarn allocation shelve
8. Woolen yarn stock room
9. Needlepoint kits chart
10.New Zealand wool yarn
11.Packing workshop
12.Finished Needlepoint Kits
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  Needlepoint kits show room Workers are making needlepoint Needlepoint show room    
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